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Getting plucked off a boat in a strange land is only the first step on an incredible journey for refugees escaping chaotic wars.


We will enable tutors to teach where the refugees are located eliminating the barriers (i.e. child care, travel and transportation costs).  It's the quickest most efficient way to get language teachers to refugees. (a free web app for finding local tutors) will match all funds raised for live one-to-one and group language lessons for refugee families while providing employment for tutors.


Canada is stretched to keep up with the demands of over 25,000 Syrians arriving in just three months, so agencies have stopped offering 27 federally funded courses this summer. 


With your help, refugees can start learning our language and navigate the next stage of their journey in becoming Canadians.



By chipping in you will get a shout out of thanks on our social media platforms.


Receive invitations to tutor meetups and meet socially with local tutors for refugees + a shout out of thanks on our social media platforms. 



Receive a personal message of thanks from the refugee whom you are making language lessons possible. This may be their first note written in our language. You will also get invited to tutor meetups and receive acknowledgment on our social media. 


You will be providing over 15 hours of high-quality one-to-one language tutoring for 5 refugees

  • Get a big thank you shout on social media

  • Appear in credits of future NewArts videos

  • Be thanked publicly at our tutor meetups

  • Receive a personal letter from one or more refugees you have helped 


Any donation assists refugees and welcomes them to Canada, the True North Strong and Free. Let's help provide education for refugees and jobs for Canadian citizens. 

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