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Empowering Toronto's Youth to Address Climate Change

Written by: Mark Slapinski on behalf of New Arts

Youth Arts Agencies across Toronto provide opportunities for youth to learn and grow. Some are specific to serving young people from disadvantaged areas. A wide range of programs are offered through each agency. Urban Arts Toronto has the "Beats. Mind. Movement" program that helps train youth to succeed in the music industry. Sketch Working Arts provides 10 week arts sessions and free meals to disadvantaged youth. While these agencies do amazing work, I believe that there is still a need to empower youth to address climate change. It is still possible to empower youth to address climate change, while teaching them about the arts and giving them opportunities to grow.

A quote by Laurence Overmire comes to mind,

"We are the last generation with an opportunity to save the world."

Today's youth are the last generation of young people who will have had the opportunity to fix the growing problem of global warming.

How can we empower youth to address the challenge of climate change? Through the celebration of those already involved in the movement. Countless youth in the city of Toronto have already made a difference in their actions around climate change. We will be welcoming them to give a short presentation on what they believe to be the solution. Each participant will receive a Climate Arts Award.

The Climate Art Awards will happen on September 15th, 2019 at Glenn Gould Studios. But we can't do this alone. To make this event successful, we are looking to work with other youth arts agencies and work together in a way that has never been done before.

Typically, Youth Art agencies work independently of each other, but I hope to change this with the Climate Art Awards.

This is an open invitation to Youth Arts Agencies, their senior directors, and employers, to work together with New Arts to empower today's youth to continue making a difference for the environment.

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